Q&A with Domain Interiors August 05 2020


At A Simple Tree Personal Framers, we work with many business owners in the design community. Today we are sitting down with local Interior Designer, Bobbi Jo Engelby, owner and lead designer of Domain Interiors. We have worked with Bobbi Jo on a variety of projects including framing artwork for both residential and commercial design projects. We have also created a number of custom mirrors for design projects by Domain Interiors! We are so grateful to work with unique designers in the Charleston community such as Bobbi Jo and her team at Domain Interiors! 



Tell us about yourself!

I grew up in the country in IL surrounded by animals and nature. Country living gave me a real appreciation for handcrafted furniture and decor. I could often be found helping my father in his hobby woodworking shop in the basement of our home. Or reorganizing my bedroom.  I attended design school in Chicago where I was exposed to amazing modern design and architecture. After receiving a BFA I practiced Interior Design in both residential and commercial projects. I now love to blend old and new in timeless and unexpected ways.

Tell us about Domain Interiors 

Domain Interiors is a full service Interior Design Firm offering both residential and commercial design. We were excited to enter the Charleston hospitality market with our 82 Queen remodel. We remodeled two dining rooms at 82 Queen. These were such fun projects and we had to complete the transformation in less that 5 days in each room - we had access to the room Monday morning - Friday at 5 pm when the room would open back up to guests. It was a whirlwind!


What was the initial idea that led to starting your business?

When we moved to Charleston 9 years ago I struggled to find furnishings for my own home and as I started to develop a clientele I saw the need for a small storefront of my own. I had a successful run with modern classic furnishings that were mostly made in the USA. My design business grew and I decided to focus solely on design. 

What is the biggest challenge of owning your business?

Project management is a challenge- ensuring specified items are fabricated, shipped, and arrive in good condition on time. We spend a lot of time on the back end coordinating with our suppliers, shippers and installers.

What do you find most rewarding about owning your business?

Delivering spaces to our clients that they love. The best compliment is when someone sees our work somewhere else and wants us to create that perfect space for their own personal tastes. 


What inspires you?

Color! Art, history and nature. I collect china, books and fabrics. I see form and color everywhere that I want to recreate in a new concept. 

How do you manage it all?

I work from home part time so I can still see my family once in a while. My husband helps with installs. I have a wonderful assistant designer who manages most of the paperwork and computer design.

Who are some interior designers who inspire you?

Mary McDonald- her modern interpretation of traditional design.

Michelle Nussbaumer- same as Mary but she sources the most amazing finds from all over the globe.

Richard Keith Langham- his use of color, especially blue and coral, speaks to me like no other.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Unexpected! I love my design to stand out from the crowd. When someone can Immediately identify my work among others in a magazine or blog post I know I have a signature style. Color and texture are integral in all my designs as is durability and I try to incorporate one unique or handcrafted piece in each room to set it apart. 

What is your favorite design trend?


What is the best tip you can give when it comes to designing a space?

Do not be afraid to put your personal stamp on a space. Design for you, not the next homeowner. Surround yourself with colors and textures that make you happy and comfortable.

What do you love about working in the Charleston community?

Charleston is like home to me even though I grew up in the Midwest. I love the warm weather and coastal vibe. We also have so much eye candy here in the historic homes and gardens. The people are so friendly and I love to help newcomers settle in here. 

What past projects stick out the most to you?

We love designing custom mirrors for our clients. We work with A Simple Tree so we can get the perfect size and look with a custom mirror. The price is usually much more cost effective than purchasing a manufactured mirror and you don’t have to pay freight! Plus they hang it for you!


Why do you find working with a personal framer to be beneficial?

I can walk into A Simple Tree and Carol will help me find the perfect frame for my art or mirror in record time. So easy to work with. The best part is they will hang everything for us, which is especially nice when we create a gallery wall!

Any new exciting projects coming up?

We are furnishing an entire historic downtown home which was built in the 1840’s. We are respecting the history of the home but adding a comfortable modern flair with lots of color and texture. A Simple Tree has already framed two pieces for this and we hope to have many more!


Thank you for joining us! To learn more about Bobbi Jo and her design services visit Domain Interiors! To inquire about our custom framing options or creating a custom mirror email frames@asimpletree.com or call us at 843-606-0017!