Q & A With Meyer Vogl Gallery October 17 2020

We love working with the amazing art galleries around the Charleston community. Today we are spotlighting the amazing, colorful, always inspiring Meyer Vogl
Gallery and sharing a quick q&a with Co-Owner and Gallery Director, Katie Geer! 

Tell us about the Gallery
Meyer Vogl Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery located in the heart of Charleston’s bustling gallery district and historic French Quarter. Permanently featuring oil paintings by distinguished artists Laurie Meyer and Marissa Vogl, we also exhibit works by a number of local and internationally recognized artists. These artists are diverse and unique, ranging from emerging to established contemporary masters; the unifying element is that they excite us. By exhibiting artwork for which we feel an emotional connection, we hope to engage the senses of art lovers and introduce collectors to exhilarating new works.

When did the gallery open?


How would you describe the art in the Gallery?

A mix of styles, from contemporary to more traditional -- by artists at various levels in their careers. We simply represent artist whose work we find an emotional connection with. (We do love color!)


Which artists inspire you?

I am inspired by anyone brave enough to create something and show it to the world. I am inspired by the 15+ artists from all over the world who we represent at Meyer Vogl Gallery, and I am constantly humbled and honored by their trust in us. And, I am inspired by my mother and business partner, artist Laurie Meyer. 


What do you love about working in the Charleston Art Community?

I love the camaraderie between all of the galleries here in Charleston. If someone walks into my gallery and I know they’d fall in love with something in a gallery down the street, I’m happy to send them that way.


How does Charleston inspire you?

I was born and raised in Charleston; to me, it feels like home. I lived in New York City for 7 years after college. My favorite part of returning home was the smell of the salt air as soon as I stepped out of the airport.



Any new pieces that stand out to you in the gallery?

I have been loving Michigan-based artist Melanie Parke’s recent series, called DOMUS. The idea for this gouache-on-paper series was born during the height of COVID lockdown, and she found herself imagining euphoric spaces for women. The work is both powerful and delightful, and we have barely been able to keep them in the gallery.

What is the best part about having an Art Gallery?

Working with incredible artists (and discovering new ones).


Why do you find working with a personal framer to be beneficial?

Framing is so, so important! Each work of art deserves an excellent frame that elevates it, while still letting the art doing the talking.



Why do you love working with A Simple Tree Framers?

We’ve worked with Simple Tree for years and years! They know us; they know our style; and they work hard to get it right. I also love that they are art lovers and collectors, too.