Q & A With Teeny Morrison December 02 2020

We love working with inspiring Interior Designers and creators in the Charleston community. Today we are spotlighting the colorful and artistic designer, Teeny Morrison! Check out her Q&A below!

Tell us about yourself! 
I am residential interior designer and photographer with a passion for all things Charleston; Architecture, Art, Food + Wine, Culture, and salty fresh air.

What inspires you?
I love getting inspired from traveling and implementing worldly inspiration and global architecture into my designs.

Who are your favorite interior designers?
India Mahdavi, Amanda Lindroth, and our very own Angie Hranowsky
How would you describe your design aesthetic?
My designs adorn a clean timeless palette with refined colorful details of objèt and art. 

What is the best tip you can give when it comes to designing a space?
I think it is important to blend functionality with beautiful aesthetics.  Don't let children or pets deter you from having a lovely space.  I like to keep things clean and build layers with old & new, textures, lighting, patterns, and art.

What do you love about working in the Charleston community?
I love supporting all of the amazing artists in our community, we are so fortunate to be a hub for some of the best artists and galleries in the world. 

What projects stick out to you?
For my son's nursery, Simple Tree was able to conserve and frame a family heirloom Hermes scarf.  It turned out flawless!

Why do you find working with a personal framer to be beneficial?
Professional framing protects and elevates your art. The team at Simple Tree takes the time to assist you selecting the appropriate sizes, mattes and finishes. To me, not framing art is like buying a mattress and not getting the sheets, or buying a car and not getting the tires.

Any new exciting projects coming up?
My very own family home!